The StudentCamp is for invited master’s degree students from some of the world’s top design schools.

For two intense weeks, from Monday 28 September to Friday 9 October 2015, 30 international and 30 Danish students will gather at Design School Kolding and collaborate with 10 selected companies on solving specific challenges related to social innovation. This means that at the DesignCamp2015 you will work with students from all over the world and selected companies and explore how, using an entrepreneurial and design methodological approach, you are able to create socially responsible and innovative solutions.

Being a student at the DesignCamp2015 will give you unique insight into what it means to work with entrepreneurship and how you can apply an enterprising approach based on design and design methods. Fundamentally, entrepreneurship means to show initiative. That is to act on ideas and opportunities and transform them into something that is of economic, cultural, or social value to others.



  • Barnabas Wetton
    Interaction Design Teacher

    Laila Grøn Truelsen
    Communication Design Teacher

    Léon Kranenburg
    Communication Design Teacher


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